Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Spider Tutorial

Ferrero Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comFreakishly delicious chocolate spiders made out of my favorite chocolate truffle.  This Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Spider Tutorial is super easy and will make your cupcakes extra spooky this Halloween!

These little guys were so easy to make (little patience required) and will make everyone giggle at your next Halloween party.  At first glance you’ll have to take a second look.  These little guys are creepy!  But in an “Omigosh you’re so yummy, get in my mouth” kind of way.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comHere is the tutorial…the freezer is your best friend while using this tutorial.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comStart by toasting some sweetened coconut for a little bit.  While the coconut is toasting, melt your dark chocolate in a double boiler or a microwave.  Pour melted goodness in a piping bag and snip the end off.  No need for a piping tip.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comSlice each Ferrero Rocher chocolate in half.  Or leave them whole.  This is your show baby!  Dip them in the melted chocolate or drizzle the chocolate over top.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comSprinkle the tops with the toasted coconut, er…I mean spider hairs.  Pop them in the freezer.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comWhile the spider bodies are chill’in in the freezer.  Make some V-shapes with the piping bag.  Put those little spider legs in the freezer now too.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comTake those chilly spider bodies and drizzle some melted chocolate on the side.  Now this is where you have to move quick.   The chocolate spider legs are going to want to melt in your warm fingers.  Place a spider leg carefully onto the melted chocolate.  4 on each side of course!  We want to be anatomically correct.

Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial - www.yummycrumble.comLastly, attach some little gold candy pearls as eyes.  Perch them on your cupcakes and watch as people gasp until they realize…It’s just a Ferrero Rocher!

Ferrero Rocher Spider Tutorial
Freakishly delicious chocolate spiders made out of my favorite chocolate truffle. This Ferreror Rocher Spider Tutorial is super easy and will make your cupcakes extra spooky this Halloween!
  • 1 package of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
  • ¼ cup toasted coconut
  • 4 oz. melted dark chocolate
  • candy pearls
  1. Set oven to 350 F and toast coconut on baking sheet for 8-10 minutes or until lightly golden brown.
  2. Melt chocolate in microwave or double boiler. Fill a piping bag and snip the tip off.
  3. Slice each Ferror Rocher candy in half.
  4. Dip the candies in the dark chocolate. Top with toasted coconut. Place them in freezer to harden.
  5. On parchment paper, pipe out little V's with the chocolate. Put those in the freezer to harden.
  6. Once the spider bodies have set, drizzle melted chocolate on each side and secure four legs on each side of the body.
  7. Attach little eyes to the front.

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  1. Thalia @ butter and brioche says:

    Ferrero Rochers are my favourite chocolate ever so these little spider treats are perfect for me to create for Halloween! I love how simple the recipe is and how little ingredients it uses too. Thanks for the great recipe, pinned!

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