Pear and Fig Baklava

Pear and Fig BaklavaLuscious layers of buttery phyllo dough nestled between gorgeous layers of cinnamon pear, pistachios, and pecans.  Baklava was never meant to be boring.  It was meant to be epic like this Pear and Fig Baklava!

I hope everyone is ready for a fabulous New Year’s Eve!  I’m going to live vicariously through all the cool kids tonight.  First of all, I’ve never been able to stay up past midnight.  Don’t think that’s because I’m a parent, or old, or have two early to bed kids.  I’ve been that way since my 20’s.  It’s so sad!  I blame it on my old soul.  Secondly, I do have two little kids who can’t seem to keep it together past 9.  In our house 9 P.M. is the witching hour of tantrums, whiny little voices, and utter melt downs.  So every New Years Eve it’s hot chocolate, a cozy blanket, and the good old fashioned New Year’s countdown from my quiet little television.

Pear and Fig Baklava

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Spiced Pear Tea Cakes with Blackberry Jam

Spiced Pear Tea Cakes with Blackberry JamMake summer feel like fall with these Spiced Pear Tea Cakes with Blackberry Jam.  Juicy pears baked inside cinnamon spiced mini tea cakes and smothered in fresh blackberry jam.

Spiced Pear Tea Cakes with Blackberry JamDubai has schooled me on what a real summer feels like.  Scorching sun all day, everyday, with highs of 120 and lows of 100.  Lows of 100?!!  On a positive note, I will say that bright sunshine everyday makes for great lighting while taking photos of food.  You food bloggers would love it here!

Some facts about Dubai summers:

If taking a shower in the middle of a summer day, turn the water all the way to cold and it will be too hot to use.  The water has been boiling in your outside pipes all day, while the hot water tanks are inside being cooled by the air conditioning.

You will definitely incur third degree burns on the bottoms of your feet if you decide to step outside on the pavement without foot wear.  Even for a couple of seconds to run the trash out.

Nice summer night winds?  Think of the hottest setting of your blow dryer hitting your face continuously.  Or opening an oven in your face.

And yes, you can definitely fry an egg on the sidewalk.  In the shade.

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