Magic Cookie Bar Madeleines

Magic Cookie Bar MadeleinesLight and airy madeleines drenched in sweetened condensed milk, toasted coconut, walnuts, and mini chocolate chips.  These Magic Cookie Bar Madeleines will be your new favorite sinful treat!

Magic Cookie Bar Madeleines Hello everyone!  From the magical land of Dubai!  To say these past couple of months have been a crazy ride is a complete understatement.  Moving two small children across the world is pretty insane.  Most people would probably not recommend uprooting your whole family and move to the Middle East.  I say if you’re young and the opportunity to immerse your kids in an amazing multi-cultural city full of adventure, DO IT!!!

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Star Wars Tusken Raider Cookies

Star Wars Tusken Raider Cookies - www.yummycrumble.comStar Wars Tusken Raider Cookies made out of easy vanilla madeleine cookies and creamy peanut butter frosting.  Cute chocolate chip eyes and a chocolate mouth make these guys a little more adorable and a lot less menacing.

Star Wars Tusken Raider Cookies - www.yummycrumble.comBy far, my favorite Star Wars characters are those viscous creatures known as the Tatooine Sand People.  Some may call them creepy with their vacant eyes , weird ventilating mouth, and tubes protruding from their faces.  Not to mention their crazy battle cry.  You know, the one you heard when that jerk URoRRuR’R’R attacks Luke.  That wasn’t a typo.  That’s actually his name.  Lucas, you wonderful strange man you.

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Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake

Star Wars Sarlacc Caramel Bundt Cake dusted with Biscoff Cookie Crumbs and drizzled with Salted Caramel Sauce - www.yummycrumble.comButtery caramel flavored moist bundt cake drizzled with homemade salted caramel sauce and dusted with Biscoff Cookie Crumbles.  Two Biscoff madeleines with salted caramel buttercream teeth make the monster of this Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake.

I have a little confession about my family.  We’re a bunch of geeks.  Geeks to the core.  I’m a Disney fanatic sprinkled with a little Harry Potter and drizzled heavily with I Love Lucy.  My husband is a Trekkie who’s obsessed with Star Wars all while being a loyal Battle Star Galactica fan.  But geeks are awesome. So while October comes to a close, this Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake is for you geeks!

Star Wars Sarlacc Caramel Bundt Cake dusted with Biscoff Cookie Crumbs and drizzled with Salted Caramel Sauce - www.yummycrumble.comSo for all you non-geeks, a Sarlacc is a horrific plant-like omnivorous creature found across the galaxy.  It’s got huge tentacles and a beak and was in the famous pit scene from Return of the Jedi.  This is where Bobba Fett met his maker.  This thing gave me the heebie jeebies the first time I saw Return of the Jedi, so this is my little tribute to him.  I know the Sarlacc traditionally does not have teeth on his beak, but  I just couldn’t resist.  Teeth made of frosting is my new favorite thing.

Would this trigger PTSD for Luke?  Maybe…But I could totally hear him say,

“But I don’t remember the Sarlacc ever having teeth…”

And all the Star Wars trolls nod and clap in agreement.  Hey guys, just think of this Sarlacc as the suped up version with CGI teeth.  I know, CGI is a sore subject.  Either way, this guy is super delicious.  You should make him now.  Teeth or no teeth.

Star Wars Sarlacc Caramel Bundt Cake dusted with Biscoff Cookie Crumbs and drizzled with Salted Caramel Sauce -

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Vanilla Mummy Madeleines

Vanilla Mummy Madeleines with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Chip Eyes - www.yummycrumble.comSweet madeleines that have turned spooky!  A light buttery vanilla madeleine wrapped with vanilla buttercream frosting and two mini chocolate chips for eyes.  These simple and adorable Vanilla Mummy Madeleines are perfect for Halloween!

My son’s pre-school Halloween party is coming up next week and I’m excited about making a creepy dessert for his classmates.  Oliver (my little taste tester) has been sampling my Halloween treats all month.  His verdict is…everything has been “too spooky”.  As much as I love making little kids squeel and run away, Oliver has advised me to keep it cute.  I think these Vanilla Mummy Madeleines fit the bill.  They’re so adorable they surely won’t scare the kiddos away.  Not like these devils.  Or these guys.

Vanilla Mummy Madeleines with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Chip Eyes -

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S’mores Madeleines

smores madeleines dipped in dark chocolate and topped with marshmallowGolden S’mores madeleines baked with graham cracker cookie crumbs right in the batter then dipped in dark chocolate.  Don’t forget the mini marshmallow.  The ultimate camp fire treat, it’s my summer makeover for the classic French cookie.

Look away pastry connoisseurs.  It’s about to get ridiculous.  And yummy.

I know I shouldn’t mess with the madeleine.  I mean, it’s pretty perfect in it’s classic form.  Lightly sweet, spongy, and particularly comforting when it’s still warm from the oven.  I’ve made a few changes before, like these madeleines.  And most recently, these lovelies.  I still stayed true to the genoise batter(folding sifted flour into your egg and sugar mixture, followed by cooled melted butter.  Totally backwards!), because it’s what makes a true madeleine, right?  So don’t fret Frenchies!  I’ts still your lovely little cookie!   Just extra delicious.

smores madeleines dipped in dark chocolate and topped with marshmallow

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Vanilla Madeleines Filled With Fresh Raspberry Mousse

Vanilla-Madeleines-With-Raspberry-FillingVanilla Madeleines filled with fresh, tart, raspberry mousse and delicately topped with whipped dark chocolate ganache.  Take these simple french tea cakes to the next level.  I promise you won’t stop eating them!

Simply put, french pastries are awesome.  There are so many different kinds it’s pretty amazing.  You have the Tarte au Citron.  The Chocolate Eclair.  The Macaron (which I have yet to master).  I could go on for probably forever, but at the top of my list of favorites is the simple little delicate cookie daintily named the Madeleine.  Even the name is beautiful.  So beautiful that children are named after this gorgeous little cookie.  Actually, I’m pretty sure Madeleine is derived from Magdalene, but if I was a new mommy again I would name her after a cookie.  No regrets.


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Pink Lemonade Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches


I think I have become obsessed with lemon.  I’ve never baked with it until I made these beauties and I’m pretty sure it was the lemon butter cream frosting that did me in.  I kind of avoided lemons because…I’m lazy and didn’t want to zest 10 million lemons to make a quarter cup of frosting.  I don’t know what little voice told me that zesting 10 million lemons is a reality in the baking world, but I mistakenly listened to it and missed out on so many cookies, cakes, and desserts I could have made!  So lately I’ve been pondering what other delights I can make with lemon.  Madeleines have always been one of my favorite cookies, so combining them with my latest obsession was really fun!  The fresh lemon make these Pink Lemonade Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches so vibrant and zesty.

Oh, and they’re pretty and dainty!  Who doesn’t want to eat something pretty and dainty?


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