Pink Lemonade Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches


I think I have become obsessed with lemon.  I’ve never baked with it until I made these beauties and I’m pretty sure it was the lemon butter cream frosting that did me in.  I kind of avoided lemons because…I’m lazy and didn’t want to zest 10 million lemons to make a quarter cup of frosting.  I don’t know what little voice told me that zesting 10 million lemons is a reality in the baking world, but I mistakenly listened to it and missed out on so many cookies, cakes, and desserts I could have made!  So lately I’ve been pondering what other delights I can make with lemon.  Madeleines have always been one of my favorite cookies, so combining them with my latest obsession was really fun!  The fresh lemon make these Pink Lemonade Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches so vibrant and zesty.

Oh, and they’re pretty and dainty!  Who doesn’t want to eat something pretty and dainty?


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