White Chocolate Alfajor Cupcakes


Welcome to Alfajor Cupcakes part deux.  A few weeks ago I made Chocolate Alfajor Cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting swirled with dulce de leche.  They were, to put it lightly…to die for.  So, just to make sure I’m covering all bases, I baked some white chocolate ones.  Truth be told, there are some people out there that don’t LIKE chocolate.  Craziness.  They prefer white, which I affectionately call naked chocolate.  Pair naked chocolate with dulce de leche and I’m sold.


I found a recipe for white chocolate cupcakes from The Curvy Carrot, which boasted to give a moist cupcake with ultimate white chocolate flavor.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to make sure when eaten, it was unmistakably a white chocolate cupcake and not vanilla.  I crumbled some of my favorite Alfajor cookies (these were dipped in white chocolate) and baked them right in the batter.  The Alfajor cookies can be found on Gaucho Direct.  Even if you aren’t planning on making these cupcakes, get some Alfajores.  You won’t be disappointed.  They rock.  The frosting is simple and easy, made with tons of dulce de leche.  To make  a stiffer frosting just add a little more sugar than the recipe calls for.  It comes out fluffy and caramely and just plain yummy.


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Chocolate Alfajor Cupcakes


So…these cupcakes are no joke.  Evident by the rich chocolate frosting swirled with straight dulce de leche, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.  Shield your eyes New Year’s resolutioners!  This little treat is going to make you cheat for sure.  I don’t know if you’ve baked much with the Alfajor cookie or if many of you have tasted one.  My father is from Buenos Aires, Argentina so I grew up on these things.  Along with dulce de leche and comforting Yerba Mate tea.  The utterly delicious Alfajor is two soft cookies sandwiched with dulce de leche.  The best kind are dipped in dark chocolate, just like the ones I used.


The particular brand I used for these Chocolate Alfajor Cupcakes was Havanna.  They come wrapped in this beautiful gold foil like a little gift waiting to be unwrapped.  Trust me, these will not stay wrapped once you get your hands on these.  Of all the Alfajor cookies I have tried, these are by far the most delicious and moist.  They bake perfectly in a cupcake.  I purchased them from Gaucho Direct, an online marketplace for Argentinian goods.  Here you can buy these cookies along with other goods including Yerba Mate.  It’s also very easy to browse different types of Yerba Mate plucked from different regions.


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