Sticky Turtle Cookie Trifle


If you’re a baker you most likely have a few leftover chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes that never made it to the frosting stage.  Sure, you could just pick at them until they’re gone, bring them to the office for your coworkers to devour, or freeze them for another day.  Instead of gingerly snacking on the rest of the leftovers throughout the week, I decided to stuff my face right now with an incredibly easy and super gooey delicious mash up.  I used some leftovers from my Chocolate Alfajor Cupcakes and some of my Caramel Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Like I said, it was ridiculously easy to throw together.  This would be great if you have guests coming over for dinner and wanted to serve a nice little treat at the end.  It presents itself beautifully and looks like there was quite a bit of effort put into it.  Little do they know, its just some leftover goodies layered with caramel and whipped cream.

“Here madame, is your dessert made of my leftover cookies that were about to expire. Enjoy.”

No one has to know right?


Sticky Turtle Cookie Triffle

Sticky Turtle Cookie Triffle


  • 8 chocolate cupcakes (already baked)
  • 4-6 chocolate chip cookies
  • 8-10 chewy caramels
  • Whipped cream
  • Chopped pecans


  1. Layer each bottom of cup or dish with crumbled chocolate cupcake.
  2. Next drizzle melted caramel.
  3. Layer a few pieces of chocolate chip cookie next.
  4. Add whipped cream as the next layer.
  5. Sprinkle chopped pecans.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Garnish with chocolate chip cookie and chopped pecans.


All the ingredients in the Sticky Turtle Cookie Trifle recipe can be store bought, but everything tastes so much better when its homemade.  Especially whipped cream.  I cannot emphasize how much better homemade whipped cream is than stuff from the can.  It holds its shape, it doesn’t melt as soon as it touches your dessert, and its super rich and indulgent.  Not to mention its really easy to make.  I never measure when I make mine in my little food processor or blender.  I can eyeball how much cream and sugar and it literally comes out perfect every time.

Who knew leftovers could taste so dang delicious?