Grasshopper Cheesecake Brownies

Grasshopper cheesecake browniesDark chocolate fudgey brownies with bright green minty oreo cheesecake then smothered in melted dark chocolate and crushed Oreos.  Grasshoppper Cheesecake Brownies are my introduction to Spring!

Grasshopper cheesecake brownies

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Andes Mint Whoopie Pies

Andes Mint Whoopie PiesThick dark chocolate cakes sandwiched with the creamiest, made from scratch mint frosting ever.  And don’t forget the huge helping of Andes Mints! These Andes Mint Whoopie Pies will help you cool off during the heat wave.

Andes Mint Whoopie PiesI think my sweat glands hit a milestone today.  No lie, I changed my clothes like three times today, like a sweaty man.  I basically was sweating like a man with hyperhidrosis. It broke 50 C today, and in American speak, that’s pretty much 120 F.  My little Chevy rental said so and I’m sticking with it.  Summer is so strange here in Dubai.  The sunshine is so bright and beautiful, but the wind is so intense that there is always this dusty haze around.  It’s so dusty it looks like smog.  We haven’t had a major sandstorm yet, but from what I hear it’s a little scary.  Like Tom Cruise Mission Impossible scary.  On a lighter note, we told my son we were living in Tatooine.  He pretty much feels like a boss.  He can now tell his little friends that in his past life he had an address in Star Wars.

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Mint Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcakes

Mint Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcakes -  www.yummycrumble.comDark chocolate cupcakes topped with minty green cookies and cream frosting, then drizzled with melted chocolate and crushed oreos.  These Mint Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcakes are a mouthful, but so worth it!

Mint Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcakes -

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